Climasys CVF Ventilation Fans

Axial motor fan in a PC ASA housing with protective front and rear surfaces and dust filter mat.

Polycarbonate ASA self-extinguishing thermoplastic alloy offers good UV and heat resistance.

Integral clip-in system for different enclosure wall thicknesses allows mounting without screws.

A patented louvre design for efficient water run-off and evacuation of water absorbed by the filter.

Safe and easy replacement/cleaning of the filter during operation of the fan.

Colour: RAL 7035 Light Grey

Conditions of use: external temperature must not exceed 30°C and must be at least 5°C lower than the temperature required in the enclosure.

Available in: 230Vac, 115Vac, 24Vdc, 48Vdc.

Thermal Management


ABS Plastic