ZBX Control Desks

ETA ZBX Stainless Steel Control Desks

Control Desk manufactured from 1.5 mm thick 304L stainless steel sheet (316L on request).
Mounting plate of 2.5 mm galvanized steel mounted in the rear.
Upper cover with galvanised reinforcement profiles and mechanical door-stay.
Sealing by continuous silicone foam seal.
Door and cover locking by 3mm double bar locks.
Adjustable cable entry plate system.

Control Desk
Galvanised steel mounting plate

Protection Rating
• IP55 complying with IEC EN62208; EN62262
• NEMA 12 complying with UL508A; UL50
• protection degree guaranteed by continuous two-component silicone foam seal*
• impact resistance IK10 complying with IEC EN62208; EN62262.

* higher temperature rating and chemical resistance than polyurethane


ZBX Stainless Steel Control Desks

Width Height Depth Desk + Plate Plinth Front & Rear PlinPh Sides
600 1000 400 ZBX6-01 EUZXL0600M EUZXP0400M
800 1000 400 ZBX8-01 EUZXL0800M EUZXP0400M
1000 1000 400 ZBX0-01 EUZXL1000M EUZXP0400M
1200 1000 400 ZBX2-01 EUZXL1200M EUZXP0400M
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