Thalassa PLS Industrial Boxes

Robust insulated modular corrosion-proof enclosures.
Body made from SMC sheet-mould-compound Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester.
3 types of cover available, in 2 depths 45mm or 95mm:
– Transparent polycarbonate cover (PLS), with neoprene gasket
– Plain GRP cover (PLSP) with continuous polyurethane gasket
– Plain polycarbonate cover (PLSC), with neoprene gasket
Can be coupled by all their side surfaces.
External hinges can be fitted.
Self-extinguishing, halogen-free, and good resistance to UV.
Excellent resistance to most chemicals
Operating temperatures from -50°C to +150°C
Closure by captive slotted polyamide screws.
Colour: RAL7035 Light Grey

Base, cover, screws, and lead-sealing device.
Mounting plate to be ordered separately.

Protection Rating
IP66 according to EN 60529
Mechanical impact resistance: IK09
UL certification and NEMA classification 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 12 and 13
Class II double-insulation.


PLS Series Industrial Boxes – Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester

Height Width Depth Clear PC Lid Plain PC Lid Plain GRP Lid Chassis
180 270 180 PLS1827G PLSC1827G PLSP1827G PMM1827
270 270 180 PLS2727G PLSC2727G PLSP2727G PMM2727
270 270 230 PLS2727AG PLSC2727AG PMM2727
270 360 180 PLS2736G PLSC2736G PLSP2736G PMM2736
270 360 230 PLS2736AG PLSC2736AG PMM2736
270 540 180 PLS2754G PLSC2754G PLSP2754G PMM2754
270 540 230 PLS2754AG PLSC2754AG PMM2754
360 360 180 PLS3636G PLSC3636G PLSP3636G PMM3636
360 540 180 PLS3654G PLSC3654G PLSP3654G PMM3654
360 540 230 PLS3654AG PLSC3654AG PMM3654
360 720 230 PLS3672AG PLSC3672AG PMM3672
540 540 180 PLS5454G PLSC5454G PLSP5454G PMM5454
540 540 230 PLS5454AG PLSC5454AG PMM5454
540 720 230 PLS5472AG PLSC5472AG PMM5472

Wallmount Brackets Galvanised PF27N
Wallmount Brackets Stainless PF27X
Hinges Set/2 BE27G

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