TCU Thermoelectric Coolers

FANDIS TCU Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric cooling units are small static heat pumps, which use the so-called “Peltier” effect.
Heat is transferred by a flow of electrical current through thermoelectric modules.
Heat is drawn from one side of the unit (the cold side) resulting in a temperature drop. The other side dissipates the heat into the surrounding environment (hot side).
The process can be reversed by simply inverting the direction of the current flow.

Thermoelectric cooling units are used to cool and dehumidify the air inside electrical cabinets and to separate the internal and exterior environments.

Advantages compared to a compressor system
Reliability: no moving mechanical parts (except fans, if applicable), have an almost unlimited life span and require no maintenance.
Static functioning: immune to vibration.
Installation flexibility: can be used in any position, and suitable for on systems in motion.
Environmentally friendly: contain no pollutants such as CFC or other harmful gases.
Compact: more compact structure than compressor systems.

DC thermoelectric units
• Solid-state device with Peltier technology
• Suitable for any plate thickness
• No chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and compressor
• Reversible process heat/cool
• Operation in any orientation
• Not sensitive to vibration
• Virtually free maintenance – no moving parts (except for the fans)
Protection Rating: IP55


FANDIS TCU Thermoelectric Cooling Units

INSULATED PTC heaters Power Voltage Cooling Power W Rated Current A Drip Tray*
TCU501240IP55 5.0A 12Vdc 57 5,8 RC-TCU50-1001
TCU502440IP55 2.4A 24Vdc 57 2,4 RC-TCU50-1001
TCU1002440IP55 4.7A 24Vdc 101 4,7 RC-TCU100-1001
TCU1004840IP55 2.4A 48Vdc 101 2,4 RC-TCU100-1001
TCU2002440IP55 9.5A 24Vdc 201 9,5 RC-TCU200-1001
TCU2004840IP55 4.8A 48Vdc 201 4,8 RC-TCU200-1001

*Drip tray recommended for humid installation environments where condensation may occur

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