ENUX-X Modular Cabinets

ETA ENUX Stainless Steel Modular Suite Cabinets

Modular cabinet with structure manufactured from unique profiles of stainless steel 304L (316L on request). Structural frame is constructed by continuous closed welding free of sharp edges.
Roof, door and rear panel manufactured from satin finish stainless steel sheet 304L (316L on request).
Door with formed corners is provided with a stiffening tubular frame, silicone foam seal and lever-handle with 3 mm double bar locking system.
Lower frame manufactured from stainless steel sheet 304L (316L on request) includes galvanised steel modular and adjustable cable entry plate with sealing gasket.
Cabinets can be joined side-by-side in suites.
Plinths of height 100mm or 200mm are available.

– Cabinet structure complete with roof, door and removable rear panel.
– Door with lever-handle with 3 mm double bar lock.
– Modular and adjustable cable entry plate with sealing gasket
– Galvanised steel mounting plate.
– Side panels and plinth to be ordered separately.

Protection Rating
• IP55 complying with IEC EN62208; EN62262
• NEMA 12 complying with UL508A; UL50
• protection degree guaranteed by continuous two-component silicone foam seal*
• impact resistance IK10 complying with IEC EN62208; EN62262.

* higher temperature rating and chemical resistance than polyurethane


ENUX Stainless Steel Modular Cabinets

Width Height Depth Plain Door Window Door Doors Side Panels Chassis Internal Door Plinth Corners Plinth Front & Rear Plinth Sides
600 1800 400 ENUX061804PRX ENUX061804PVX 1 EUFX040180 EUPA060180 EUPIX060180 EUZXA100 EUZXT0600 EUZXT0400
600 1800 500 ENUX061805PRX ENUX061805PVX 1 EUFX050180 EUPA060180 EUPIX060180 EUZXA100 EUZXT0600 EUZXT0500
600 2000 500 ENUX062005PRX ENUX062005PVX 1 EUFX050200 EUPA060200 EUPIX060200 EUZXA100 EUZXT0600 EUZXT0500
600 2000 600 ENUX062006PRX ENUX062006PVX 1 EUFX060200 EUPA060200 EUPIX060200 EUZXA100 EUZXT0600 EUZXT0600
800 1800 400 ENUX081804PRX ENUX081804PVX 1 EUFX040180 EUPA080180 EUPIX080180 EUZXA100 EUZXT0800 EUZXT0400
800 1800 500 ENUX081805PRX ENUX081805PVX 1 EUFX050180 EUPA080180 EUPIX080180 EUZXA100 EUZXT0800 EUZXT0500
800 2000 500 ENUX082005PRX ENUX082005PVX 1 EUFX050200 EUPA080200 EUPIX080200 EUZXA100 EUZXT0800 EUZXT0500
800 2000 600 ENUX082006PRX ENUX082006PVX 1 EUFX060200 EUPA080200 EUPIX080200 EUZXA100 EUZXT0800 EUZXT0600
1000 1800 500 ENUX101805PRX ENUX101805PVX 1 EUFX050180 EUPA100180 EUPIX100180 EUZXA100 EUZXT1000 EUZXT0500
1000 1800 600 ENUX101806PRX ENUX101806PVX 1 EUFX060180 EUPA100180 EUPIX100180 EUZXA100 EUZXT1000 EUZXT0600
1000 2000 500 ENUX102005PRX ENUX102005PVX 1 EUFX050200 EUPA100200 EUPIX100200 EUZXA100 EUZXT1000 EUZXT0500
1000 2000 600 ENUX102006PRX ENUX102006PVX 1 EUFX060200 EUPA100200 EUPIX100200 EUZXA100 EUZXT1000 EUZXT0600
1200 1800 400 ENUX121804PRX 2 EUFX040180 EUPA120180 EUZXA100 EUZXT1200 EUZXT0400
1200 1800 500 ENUX121805PRX 2 EUFX050180 EUPA120180 EUZXA100 EUZXT1200 EUZXT0500
1200 2000 500 ENUX122005PRX 2 EUFX050200 EUPA120200 EUZXA100 EUZXT1200 EUZXT0500
1200 2000 600 ENUX122006PRX 2 EUFX060200 EUPA120200 EUZXA100 EUZXT1200 EUZXT0600

Lifting Eyebolts Set/2 WTGS003
Padlockable Handle ELWE006

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