ENUX Industrial PC Cabinets

E NUX cabinet structure complete with HSLA high-strength low-alloy sheet steel uprights.
Doors, roof, bottom, and rear panel manufactured from sheet steel.
Front section composed of:
Steel upper door with plexiglass window for monitor, 3mm double bar lock.
Pull-out Keyboard with tilting front, and adjustable mouse pad support.
Sealed section to separate keyboard compartment & enclosure, with cable gland for keyboard and mouse, bi-adhesive tape for keyboard installation and monitor support.
Lower plain front door, 3mm double bar lock.

– Cabinet structure with 2 doors, keyboard and mouse compartment and rear panel.
– Modular cable entry plate.
– Side panels, plinth and optional printer/modem shelf to be ordered separately.

Standard epoxy polyester powder coating:
• structure: colour RAL7035 Light Grey smooth finish
• PC front and rear door: colour RAL7035 Light Grey textured finish
• roof: colour RAL5020 Ocean Blue textured finish.

Protection Rating
• IP55


ENUX PC Cabinets

Width Height Depth Assembled PC Cabinet Side Panels Plinth Corners Plinth Front & Rear Plinth Sides Monitor Support Fixed Shelf
600 1800 600 EUPC061806CEC EUFI060180 EUZEA100 EUZET0600 EUZET0600 WTPU000600 WTRP060060
600 1800 800 EUPC061808CEC EUFI080180 EUZEA100 EUZET0600 EUZET0800 WTPU000600 WTRP060080
600 2000 600 EUPC062006CEC EUFI060200 EUZEA100 EUZET0600 EUZET0600 WTPU000600 WTRP060100
600 2000 800 EUPC062008CEC EUFI080200 EUZEA100 EUZET0600 EUZET0800 WTPU000600 WTRP060120

Castor Wheels with brake WTRU001

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