Drum Pumps

Vortex Drum Pumps are made of stainless steel and work on the air vortex principle. They can turn an ordinary 55 gallon steel drum into a vacuum cleaner and shop vac combined.

They have a built in flow control to shut the unit off so there is no chance of over filling the drum.

Just attach the Vortex Drum Pump into the threaded attachment of a 55 gallon drum, hook up compressed air and you have a vacuum which requires no electricity.

Vortex Drum Pumps create a vacuum inside the drum pulling both liquids and solids into the drum for easy disposal.


Vortex Drum Pumps are lightweight, portable, and affordable. Vortex drum pumps are safe to use in wet areas, and easily pick up high-viscosity liquids as well as chips and sediments.

The Vortex Drum Pump makes an ideal emergency spill pickup system



Blowoff for chips, replacement of open jets, ventilation, cooling, etc.

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