Cool Tool

The spot cooling tool cold air gun, made of stainless steel, is an enclosed vortex tube that is portable and ready-to-use. The Cool Tool eliminates the need for mists and expensive liquid coolants, and improves tool life, finish, tolerances, and the overall production. If installed correctly it is maintenance free.

The Cool Tool uses only compressed air, just like a vortex tube. The spot cooling tool produces a stream of air 37oC colder than the compressed air source.

Being compact and having a magnetic base mount, the cool tool can be moved from one machine to another, and has a flexible nozzle to direct the stream of air onto the required area.



For spot cooling of:

Grinding or tapping operations, Milling, Band saws, Drilling, Routers, Test electronics, etc.


For setting of:

Hot products, Hot melt glue operations, Machine plastics, etc.

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