CNC Coolers

Maintenance-free enclosure & cabinet cooling devices with no moving parts.
Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Operated by clean, dry compressed air.

How do vortex tubes work?

A Vortex Tube is a device with no moving parts that converts any stream of compressed air into two streams – one hot and one cold.
A Vortex tube can produce cold air down to -35°C and hot air up to +127°C.

CLEAN, DRY compressed air is injected tangentially into the tube at sonic speed, with a grooved insert that creates a cyclone/vortex of air spinning at about one million revolutions per minute.
Part of the air is forced to spin inward and travels up the tube length where a valve turns this spinning vortex of air in on itself.
The inner column of air gives up its heat to the outer column.
Cold air is directed out the cold end of the Vortex Tube into the enclosure, with hot air directed out.
The temperature and air flow can be controlled by adjusting the valve at the hot end of the tube.

For the vortex tube to work efficiently, the enclosure needs to be vented to allow through-flow of air.
This can be achieved by fitting vents or louvres on the enclosure.

It is essential that the compressed air introduced into the tube is CLEAN and DRY, ACHIEVED BY MEANS OF A 5µ oil-coalescing air filter (preferably self-draining).

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