ClimaSys SMART Ventilation System CSVS

Enclosure ventilation filters that are blocked by dust or dirt result in:

  • Inefficient fan operation, moving less air and consuming more energy.
  • Accumulated dust affecting internal moving parts, and conductivity across circuits.
  • Increased internal temperature reducing lifespan of electrical/electronic components.
  • Safety risks due to overheated surfaces.
  • Failure of equipment causing potentially huge costs due to downtime.


CSVS is a digitized, scalable thermal network that gives you real-time monitoring of all critical ventilation

functions, across all your control panels.


The ClimaSys Filterstat Controller collects information from filter and fan sensors and intelligent algorithms analyze data inputs to keep you informed about the thermal status of every enclosure:

Detect general poor health of enclosure:

  • Input/output temperature

Detect fan issues:

  • Air temperature passing through the filter, for inlet and outlet.
  • Current level, consumed energy
  • Fan RPM measurement
  • Used and remaining (approximate) lifespan

Detect grid filter issues:

  • Air flow temperature
  • Dust level (0% clean – 100% dirty)
  • Number of replacements
  • Remaining time before next replacement

The Filterstat Controller can be connected to up to eight Thermal Hub devices to support a network of 256 sensors.

Controller and Hub available in voltages 90-230Vac and 30 Vdc.


Each Smart Fan and Smart Grid includes a Smart Filter with Fan Sensor and integrated Dust Sensor with patented infrared technology, that feeds data to the Filterstat Controller.


Each Smart Fan and Smart Grid includes high-visibility multi-colour LED indicators:

  • Green: the system is working well.
  • Orange: filters need to be replaced soon.
  • Red: filters need to be replaced.
  • Purple: the fan has reached end of life / failed.
  • Blue: “ping” function to locate a selected enclosure.


CSVS can be implemented on existing brownfields ventilation installations by means of a retrofit kit.



Smart fans comprise an axial motor in a protective housing on the front, rear surfaces, and a Smart filter with Dust sensor and a Fan sensor with infrared technology.

The external grid displays the ventilation status through multi-coloured LED indicator of the Dust sensor. The Smart Filter can be replaced during operation without risk of contact with the rotating element.

Material of external grids: Thermoplastic ASA Polycarbonate, self-extinguishing according to UL 94 V-0.

Colour: RAL9005 Black

Conditions of use: external temperature must not exceed 30°C and must be at least 5°C lower than the temperature required in the enclosure.

Available in: 230Vac, 115Vac, 24Vdc, 48Vdc.


Protection Rating

Ingress protection: IP54 according to IEC 60529

Mechanical protection: IK08 according to IEC 62262



Modular Frame for panel-mounting of controller and hub.

Communication cables in lengths 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5m.

Kit with clips and stickers for retrofit of CSVS system on existing ventilation systems.

Spare Smart Filter mats G2 and G3.



Filterstat Controller Voltage
CCOFST90250V 90-250Vac Filterstat controller AC, with 4 ports
CCOFST30V 30V ac/dc Filterstat controller DC, with 4 ports
Thermal Hub Voltage
CCOFSEM8U2 90-250Vac Thermal Hub for networking, with 8 ports
CCOFSEM8U1 30V ac/dc Thermal Hub for networking, with 8 ports
Modular Frame
CCOFR55 Panel-mount installation Frame for Controller and Hub
Free Flowrate (50Hz) Flowrate 1 Outlet Grille Flowrate 2 Outlet Grille Voltage Dimensions Cutout SMART Fan SMART Grid
34 21 29 230V 137 x 117 x 49 92×92 CVF38M230DG CAG92DG
34 23 35 115V 137 x 117 x 49 92×92 CVF38M115DG CAG92DG
74 52 60 230V 170 x 150 x 62 125×125 CVF85M230DG CAG125DG
68 54 62 115V 170 x 150 x 62 125×125 CVF85M115DG CAG125DG
142 130 138 230V 268 x 248 x 104 223×223 CVF165M230DG CAG223DG
151 130 138 115V 268 x 248 x 104 223×223 CVF165M115DG CAG223DG
259 209 218 230V 268 x 248 x 116 223×223 CVF300M230DG CAG223DG
259 209 218 115V 268 x 248 x 116 223×223 CVF300M115DG CAG223DG
502 412 420 230V 336 x 316 x 162 291×291 CVF560M230DG CAG291DG
522 425 434 115V 336 x 316 x 162 291×291 CVF560M115DG CAG291DG
638 500 528 230V 336 x 316 x 162 291×291 CVF850M230DG CAG291DG
783 643 654 115V 336 x 316 x 162 291×291 CVF850M115DG CAG291DG
731 598 609 400V 336 x 316 x 162 291×291 CVF850M400DG CAG291DG
Communication Cable Length m
CCA50MFST 0.5 Filterstat communications cable, black 500mm
CCA100MFST 1 Filterstat communications cable, black 1000mm
CCA150MFST 1.5 Filterstat communications cable, black 1500mm
CCA200MFST 2 Filterstat communications cable, black 2000mm
CCA300MFST 3 Filterstat communications cable, black 3000mm
CCA400MFST 4 Filterstat communications cable, black 4000mm
CCA500MFST 5 Filterstat communications cable, black 5000mm

Brownfields Retrofit Installations

Brownfields Kit Cut-out Cable
CCFSBRKIT92 92 x 92 0.5 2 External Smokey Grids, 2 Smart filters, 1 Filterstat Controller, 3 cables,1 fan sensor, 10 stickers and retainer flaps mini-tool kit
CCFSBRKIT125 125 x 125 1
CCFSBRKIT223 223 x 223 1.5
CCFSBRKIT291 291 x 291 2
Brownfields Smart Grids Cut-out
CAG92DGC 92 x 92 External grid equipped with G2 filter and Dust Sensor to be installed in an existing grid support.
CAG125DGC 125 x 125
CAG223DGC 223 x 223
CAG291DGC 291 x 291
Brownfields Smokey Grids Cut-out
CAG92BPC 92 x 92 External grids to be installed in an existing grid support or used as spare part. Smart filter and Dust sensor to be ordered separately.
CAG125BPC 125 x 125
CAG223BPC 223 x 223
CAG291BPC 291 x 291
Sensors & Toolkit
CCAFSDUST Individual Dust Sensor to fit any existing ClimaSys CV fan or CA grid
CCARPM Individual Fan RPM Sensor to fit any existing ClimaSys CV fan
CCABLK Toolkit / clips for converting brownfields fans to CSVS
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