Climasys CU Cooling Units

Three models: Roof-mounting, Side-mounting, and Floor-standing.
Large range of power levels: 300W up to 3,850 kW.
New internal grid designed for safety, easy cleaning and maintenance.
Respect for the environment by using environmentally friendly gas R134a (HFC).
Electronic thermostats in all models.
Alarm signal for door contact included in all models.
Digital screen.
Evaporation condensation water unit integrated from 800 W to 15 kW.

Cooling unit, complete with lifting eyebolts.

Epoxy-polyester powder-coating.
Colour: RAL7035 Light Grey textured finish.

Protection Rating
IP55/IP54 Internal depending on model, and IP34 External.


ClimaSys – CU Cooling Units

SIDE-mounting Models
Cooling Capacity Voltage Steel Stainless Steel Dimensions mm Heavy Duty Dimensions mm
300W / 1024 Btu/h 230 V CU300H 340x525x135
380W / 1297 Btu/h 230 V CU400 CUX400 460x285x180 CUHD400 573x300x205
640W / 2184 Btu/h 230 V CU600 CUX600 606x316x212 CUHD600 718x331x235
820W / 2798 Btu/h 230 V CU800 CUX800 783x348x215 CUHD800 875x363x239
1000W / 3412 Btu/h 230 V CU1K CUX1K 783x348x215 CUHD1K 895x363x239
1000W / 3412 Btu/h 2x 400-440 V CU1K2P4 CUX1K2P4 783x348x215 CUHD1K2P4 895x363x239
1250W / 4265 Btu/h 230 V CU1K2 CUX1K2 999x405x237
1250W / 4265 Btu/h 2x 400-440 V CU1K22P4 CUX1K22P4 999x405x237
1600W / 5459 Btu/h 230 V CU1K6 CUX1K6 999x405x237 CUHD1K6 1009x415x261
1600W / 5459 Btu/h 2x 400-440 V CU1K62P4 CUX1K62P4 999x405x237 CUHD1K62P4 1009x415x261
ROOF-mounting Models
Cooling Capacity Voltage Steel Stainless Steel Dimensions mm Heavy Duty Full Chassis
410W / 1399 Btu/h 230 V CU400R CUX400R 264x486x259
820W / 2798 Btu/h 230 V CU800R CUX800R 340x600x340
1150W / 3924 Btu/h 230 V CU1K2R CUX1K2R 415x567x401
1550W / 5289 Btu/h 230 V CU1K5R CUX1K5R 415x567x401
2050W / 6995 Btu/h 230 V CU2KR CUX2KR 415x567x401
2050W / 6995 Btu/h 3x 400 V CU2K3P4R CUX2K3P4R 415x567x401
2900W / 9895 Btu/h 3x 400 V CU3K3P4R CUX3K3P4R 496x797x492
3850W / 13137 Btu/h 3x 400 V CU4K3P4R CUX4K3P4R 496x797x492
SLIM SIDE-mounting Models
Cooling Capacity Voltage Steel UL Stainless Steel UL Dimensions mm Heavy Duty Full Chassis
1100W / 3753 Btu/h 230 V CUS1K1UL CUSX1K1UL 1696x495x195
1100W / 3753 Btu/h 2x 400-460 V CUS1K12P4UL CUSX1K12P4UL 1696x495x195
1500W / 5118 Btu/h 230 V CUS1K5UL CUSX1K5UL 1696x495x195
1500W / 5118 Btu/h 2x 400-460 V CUS1K52P4UL CUSX1K52P4UL 1696x495x195
2000W /6824 Btu/h 230 V CUS2KUL 1696x495x195
2000W /6824 Btu/h 3x 400 V CUS2K3P4UL 1696x495x195
2500W / 8530 Btu/h 230 V CUS2K5UL 1696x495x195
2500W / 8530 Btu/h 3x 400 V CUS2K53P4UL 1696x495x195
3200W / 10919 Btu/h 230 V CUS3K2UL 1696x495x195
3200W / 10919 Btu/h 2x 400-460 V CUS3K23P4UL 1696x495x195
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