Climasys CR Resistance Heaters

Resistance heaters prevent condensation and guarantee ideal temperature for correct operation of electronic components in the enclosure.
Heaters must be installed with a thermal controller to control the temperature or the humidity inside the enclosure.
Improved convection by design of the profile creating a “chimney” effect, leading to increased
natural convection and maintaining an even temperature inside the enclosure.

Aluminium PTC heaters
Equipped with PTC-type heating devices (Positive Temperature Coefficient).
Surface temperature stabilises at 75°C when ambient temperature is -5°C.
Power consumption is reduced.
Mounting by clips on DIN rail.

Insulated PTC heaters
2 versions: by natural convection or with fan.
Heaters equipped with the high-flow and silent fan ensure circulation of the air and a uniform temperature distribution.
AC or DC power supply.
7 power levels, from 10 W to 550 W.
Maintenance free.
Mounting by clips on DIN rail.
Plastic casing prevents direct contact with the aluminium element.
Surface temperature lower than 70°C.
Low Power consumption.


CR Resistance Heaters

INSULATED PTC heaters Power Voltage ALUMINIUM PTC heaters Power Voltage
CR10WU1C 10 W 12-24 Vdc CR10WU1 10 W 12-24 Vdc
CR10WU2C 10 W 110-250 V CR10WU2 10 W 110-250 V
CR20WU1C 20 W 12-24 Vdc CR20WU1 20 W 12-24 Vdc
CR20WU2C 20 W 110-250 V CR20WU2 20 W 110-250 V
CR20WU3 20 W 270-420 V
CR50WU1C 50 W 12-24 Vdc CR55WU1 55 W 12-24 Vdc
CR50WU2C 50 W 110-250 V CR55WU2 55 W 110-250 V
CR50WU3C 50 W 270-420 V CR55WU3 55 W 270-420 V
CR100WU1C 100 W 12-24 Vdc CR100WU1 90 W 12-24 Vdc
CR100WU2C 100 W 110-250 V CR100WU2 90 W 110-250 V
CR100WU3C 100 W 270-420 V CR100WU3 90 W 270-420 V
CR150WU2C 150 W 110-250 V CR150WU1 150 W 12-24 Vdc
CR150WU2 150 W 110-250 V
CR150WU3 150 W 270-420 V
CR250W115VV 250 W 115 V
CR250W230VV 250 W 230 V
CR400W115VV 400 W 115 V
CR400W230VV 400 W 230 V
CRS200W115V 200 W 115 V
CRS200W230V 200 W 230 V
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