Air Nozzles

Vortex air nozzles/jets can replace simple open pipes or air nipples, and reduce compressed air usage since the air nozzles entrain surrounding air and amplify it.

Vortex air nozzles have no moving parts and deliver flow rates up to 25 times greater than the input air. Arizona vortex air nozzles reduce the noise level since they use less air. Vortex nozzles reduce compressed air consumption and save you money.


How do vortex air nozzles work?

Compressed air is released through an annular orifice which reaches sonic speed, creating a low pressure area which draws in surrounding air to amplify the total flow of the air nozzle. The design of Arizona vortex air nozzles maximizes the speed of the primary compressed air enabling our vortex air nozzles to entrain large volumes of surrounding air.



Blowoff for chips, replacement of open jets, ventilation, cooling, etc.

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