Air Amplifiers

A Vortex Air Amplifier uses a small amount of compressed air to create a much larger volume of air, as much as 25 times the amount of amplification. The total volume of air output and the volume of compressed air input is infinitely adjustable.

A Vortex Air Amplifier can replace straight compressed air fans and blowers in numerous applications and does not have the drawbacks of fans and blowers that require guards. It also has excellent vacuum characteristics which make it perfect for air conveying and exhaust uses.

They are quiet, safe, and maintenance free due to having no moving parts.

How Does an Air Amplifier Work?

A small amount of compressed air enters the annular orifice of the air amplifier. The compressed air accelerates to sonic speed as it exits the orifice and creates a low pressure area (vacuum area) drawing in the surrounding air creating the amplification and utilizing the free ambient air to create large flows.



Can be used for air conveying, ventilation, cooling, blow off of chips/waste, exhaust of fumes, parts cleaning, purging of tanks, cooling dies and molds, cleaning and/or drying of parts, etc.

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