Lamps, Switches & Cable Glands


LAM Enclosure Lamps

LED lamps designed for optimal lifetime, energy consumption, space and accessibility in the enclosure.

ASA Polycarbonate casing, Black RAL 9005.

Three fixing options.

Built-in switch.

Power consumption: 10 W

LED service life: 25000 h*




Mild Steel powder-coated

Lumeis Enclosure Lamps

The CLG-L series of LED lamps are available with AC voltage 115 – 230Vac and ON/OFF switch.

Installation by means of metal brackets, designed for adjustable positioning and ease of use.



Mild Steel powder-coated


Limit Switches

Door Switches Switch unit equipped with support and fixings for direct fixing to the enclosure. Used to control lighting, air-conditioning units, etc.

Metal Document Pocket For cabinet systems Spacial Sf and SM. Direct mounting on the reinforcement frame of the door. Adjustable mounting with a pitch of 25 mm.

Plastic Document Pocket Attachment by adhesive tape for all enclosure ranges.



Mild Steel powder-coated

FC Limit Switches

Used to switch off the voltage inside an enclosure or control other devices such as a lamp or fan.


  • Plain plunger (FC-001)
  • Plain plunger with manual reset (FC-002)
  • Roller plunger (FC-003)
  • Roller plunger with adjustable lever (FC-004)
  • Plain plunger with 3 NC contacts (FC-005)




Mild Steel powder-coated


Compression Cable Gands

SYNTEC® Synthetic Cable glands – with innovative lamellar technology

  • Short or long thread – for differing enclosure wall thicknesses.
  • Audible reliability – an audible “click” guarantees vibration- and shake-proof hold.
  • Guaranteed tightness – highly durable elastic sealing rings guarantee sealing to IP68.
  • Innovative lamellar technology


PROGRESS® Nickel-plated Brass Cable glands

AGRO Progress® metal cable glands with sealing inserts of a special TPE are certified according to EN 45545.

  • Short or long thread
  • Visible safety


PROGRESS® Stainless Steel Cable glands

AGRO Progress® stainless steel cable glands are highly corrosion-resistant. Suitable for food or chemical industries and harsh environments. AGRO offers stainless steel grade A2 1.4305 (AISI 303) and A4 1.4435 (AISI 316L).

  • Guaranteed seal

Inner contours matched to the sealing insert ensure a targeted compression of the insert and guarantee tightness and compliance with protection class IP68 up to 10 bar.