Workshop with highly experienced staff comprising a Workshop Manager and 3 technicians.

Machinery: Bench-drills and hole-tapping machine, table-saw, hole-punching machine, DIN-rail cutter, hand drills and grinders, hole-saws, and general hand tools.

Junction Box Assembly

We are highly experienced in assembly and supply of equipped junction boxes for classified hazardous area applications as well as non-classified applications.

Our GRP, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel enclosures are certified for use in Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22.

GRP and Stainless enclosures are offered, with local SANAS approval or international ATEX approval.

EX Application classifications: Eex’i Intrinsic Safety, Eex’e Increased Safety, DIP Dust Ignition Proof.

Junction boxes are manufactured to Sasol specifications, and comprise:

Enclosure, Mounting plate, Wall-mount brackets, Terminals, Trunking, Earth bar, Earth leads, Earth stud, Internal aluminium gland plate, Gland entry holes drilled and tapped, Tag number and warning labels.

EX-rated junction boxes are individually batch tested and certified with unique serial number.


Full- or custom-size windows can be fitted in almost all enclosures, using tempered safety glass or plexiglass, and choice of EPDM rubber extrusion gasket (round corners) or by VHB Very High Bond double-sided adhesive tape from 3M.

Cut-outs and Holes

Cut-outs and gland entry holes in enclosure walls by means of jigsaw, hole-punch, hole-saw or waterjet cutting, with powder-coated enclosures having the cut edges sealed with epoxy touch-up paint, or re-powder-coating.


Our mild steel enclosures from European manufacturer are in standard colour RAL7035 Light Grey.

Other colours (e.g. B26 Electric Orange) can be offered where feasible, at additional cost to customer.

Since the heat involved in the powder-coating process can damage the factory-fitted continuous foamed-in polyurethane gasket, the gasket must be removed prior to powder-coating and reapplied afterwards.

Over-powder-coating of floor-standing cabinets is not recommended and is discouraged, since the extra layer of powder-coating interferes with the door locking mechanism.

Chassis Plate Population & AutoCAD

Elen has AutoCAD capability and can supply general arrange drawings for enclosures and layout of equipment on chassis plates.

DIN-rails, trunking and free-issued equipment (provided at customer’s own risk) can be mounted.

Spacial SF Modular Cabinet Assembly

The Spacial SF range comes in kit-form and we offer free-of-charge assembly in our workshop prior to delivery if required. Alternatively, delivery in kit-form can save the customer transport costs.