About Elen Enclosures

Elen Electrical Enclosures (Pty) Ltd was established in 1982, as an enclosure specialist servicing the electrical and instrumentation market in Southern Africa. At the company’s inception, Elen introduced the SAREL brand of enclosures, with original manufacturing facility in Sarre-Union, France. Later the brand of HIMEL brand was added when Schneider Electric group acquired both companies in the 1990’s. Today Elen Enclosures is highly experienced in the supply, specification and
determination of ideal solutions suited to every enclosure application.

Offering a comprehensive range of solutions in enclosures, cabinets, panel cooling and related accessories, Elen also has a workshop adept at customizing of their enclosures and assembly of junction boxes, and other value-added services.
Elen Enclosures is a distributor of the brands below, among other peripheral enclosure-related brands/products.

Our Suppliers

In 1982, Elen Enclosures introduced SAREL enclosures to South Africa. In the 1990’s the SAREL (France) and HIMEL (Spain) enclosure companies were acquired by Schneider Electric. The enclosure brands formerly known as SAREL and HIMEL were formally rebranded under the Schneider Electric Universal Enclosures name in 2009. Products are manufactured in the original ISO9001 certified facilities in Spain and France.

Elen Enclosures remains the importing distributor of these products in Southern Africa and maintains ample stock at its Gauteng office.

ETA S.P.A. is a high quality metallic enclosures manufacturer, with over 40 years of experience in steel sheet and stainless steel production. ETA offers high quality innovative solutions for the Industrial automation, LV energy distribution and IT markets. All the ETA ranges are fully certified and approved to exacting international quality standards.

Elen Enclosures acquired the ETA agency for Southern Africa in 2015, with stock maintained in Gauteng. Elen focuses on ETA’s range of wall-mounting mild steel and stainless steel enclosures, and stainless steel floor-standing cabinets.

Arizona Vortex Tube Manufacturing Company is based in the USA and manufacture products utilizing compressed air and the vortex principle. They manufacture Vortex Tube Coolers, CNC Coolers, Cool Tools, Air Nozzles/Jets, Air Curtains/Amplifiers, and Drum Pumps. Their aim is to lower customers’ production costs, increase productivity and offer maintenance free and environmentally friendly solutions.

Elen Enclosures stocks mainly the vortex tubes and CNC coolers, but all Arizona products are available.

Based in Italy, Fandis is an industrial and distribution company, whose core business is the thermal management of electrical panels, specifically the production and distribution of devices, sensors and technologies for detecting and controlling temperature and ambient conditions inside electrical panels and cabinets. Fandis also offers ventilation solutions for the refrigeration, heating and electronics sectors.

Elen Enclosures stocks the Fandis ranges of thermoelectric cooling units, enclosure lamps and thermostats.

Since 1953, AGRO has been developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art high-quality products and systems for cable entries and cable management for the electrical and instrumentation markets, mechanical engineering industry, and plant and equipment construction. AGRO offers a comprehensive and wide range of products for cable management.

While Elen Enclosures stocks mainly the Syntec range of polyamide cable glands, all of the products in AGRO’s extensive scope of supply can be ordered.